The Nag's Head

House Rules

Firstly, welcome back to The Nag’s Head. It is great to have you back. Please can you read the house rules below and fill in the "track and trace" form.

  • You will need a table to be served. A member of staff will help get you seated upon arrival. We may not be able to accommodate particular table requests at this time.

  • Please do not move furniture. It has been arranged to comply with social distancing guidelines.

  • Groups are limited to 4 people from 2 households inside and 6 people from 2 households outside. We are not taking bookings and if the pub is full then a limit of 2 hours will be imposed to allow everyone to come and enjoy the pub.

  • We will be running a table service operation. We will ask for payment for each order placed (no tabs). Contactless card payments are encouraged but cash will be accepted if required.

  • Drinks and food will be deposited at the end of your table and we will ask for your help passing plates and drinks down to other people in your group. We will also ask you to move any empty plates and glasses to the end of your table for collection. This will mean we are only close to your table for a brief moment.

  • Should you wish for a drink which you do not see on the menu, please ask a member of staff and we will try to accommodate any requests. We are unable to accept any major alterations to the food menu items at present.

  • Please stay seated with your table unless you are visiting the toilets, going outside for a smoke, or making use of our hand sanitiser stations. Please do not stand or block entrances or corridors.

  • Please follow toilet procedures and use the toilet queue area if there are 2 people in there.

  • If you need to go outside for a smoke, and you do not have a table out there, then please use the smoking area to the left of the entrance by the outside fire.

  • Please respect social distancing measures and make use of the hand sanitiser stations located around the premises.

  • To ensure the safety of all there can be no displays of drunkenness, no shouting, no singing and, as ever, no swearing.

  • These guidelines have been introduced to help our team and customers feel safe and secure, and we ask for patience and understanding while we adjust to this new work environment. We hope these guidelines and changes are only for the short term, and we can return to normal quickly if we all work together. Please make staff aware if you have any concerns.

  • These house rules will evolve regularly as we learn and develop to this new situation. They will also alter whenever government policy changes.

  • Finally, please enjoy yourselves!!